Who We Are

The Saratoga Foundation: Statement of Purpose

Saratoga is a special place to live. Many Saratogians, whether they have lived here for generations or are relatively new residents, feel a deep affection for the area because of its unique personality and the quality of life it provides. Many Saratogians would like to perpetuate the things that make Saratoga distinctive.

That is why in 1995 a small group of people-all of whom are active in our community and contribute to local organizations-invested nearly half a million dollars to establish the Saratoga Foundation. That amount has grown to nearly $1 million as a result of investments and ongoing contributions, even after awarding grants of about $500,000 to over 40 local organizations. Since its inception, the Foundation has helped to sponsor dozens of arts, education, health, recreational, and social service projects, which have benefited residents of all ages, backgrounds, and economic circumstances.

The goal of the Foundation’s Trustees is to use their awareness of what is happening in the community to provide funds that could allow a unique program or project to move forward, or to support an organization facing critical issues or challenges. The Foundation’s goal is not to detract from the fundraising efforts of the local charitable organizations that the Board of Trustees supports, but to provide a mechanism for responding quickly and meaningfully to emerging situations.

In this increasingly complex era of social and economic change, the Foundation represents an important vehicle for supporting and facilitating civic commitment and local generosity. The Foundation encourages members of the community, and local companies, to show their commitment to Saratoga and its way of life by making a contribution to the Foundation. The Foundation also provides a means for people to make a bequest that will be used to benefit Saratoga in ways that will be most meaningful and beneficial at that time.

The members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees provide all of its operating expenses and overhead. As a result, 100% of all contributions are used to help fund local charities and projects.

The Saratoga Foundation is a 501( c)(3) public foundation.

A downloadable fact sheet about the Saratoga Foundation is available.